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Glass Industry > Feeder Expendables

Over the last 20 years, SCL Feeder Expendables including Orifice Rings, Plungers, Stirrers, Tubes, Spouts and other accessories are well accepted by over 200 leading glass manufacturers in all the continents of the globe. These expendables are manufactured with close dimensional tolerances for exact fitting and are used in various glasses such as Soda-lime-silica, Boro-silicate, Opal, Lead, TV and other Special glasses.

SCL offers following distinctive advantages to its customers:
  • Reliable and proven quality over a long period.
  • Standard expendables in SCL-33, SCL-15 and SCL-11 qualities.
  • Zirconia-free Expendables in SCL-11, SCL-44 and SCL-45 qualities.
  • Long life Expendables in SCL-21 and SCL-35 qualities.
  • Special chrome-inserted orifice rings for still longer life for and Boro-silicate/ Opal glasses.
  • Chrome-inserted spouts and full Chrome spouts for longer life and also for corrosive glasses.
  • Mandrel Sleeves for Boro-silicate, Lead and soda-lime Tube glasses.
  • Troughs, Ribbon blocks, Bowls for Danner and Vello processes.
  • Paddle and screw type Stirrers for homogenization of glass in cosmetic, TV and coloring fore-hearths.
  • Orifice Rings Holders, Gaskets for all sizes of Orifice.
  • Cement and Insulation Materials.
  • Expendables for all type of fore-hearths having capacities 3 TPD to 160 TPD.
  • Expendables in standard sizes (part numbers) and also in tailor-made sizes.
  • Large inventory of expendables for quick delivery in case of urgency.
  • Special and Sturdy packing for safe delivery .
  • Fully traceable as tracking number on each Expendable part provides the complete details of process parameters it has gone through.