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Glass Industry > Furnace & Forehearth Refractory

Type and quality of refractories required for a Glass tank furnace varies greatly depending on the area of actual use. SCL manufactures various refractories for the different areas of the Glass tank furnace as hereunder:

Furnace Bottom
  • High CCS insulation layer in SCL-INB1 and SCL-INB2 qualities.
  • Six face ground Bottom blocks in SCL-45D and SCL-62D qualities.
  • Monolithic paving of Zircon ramming mass in SCL-ZIRPAVE-50 and 06 grade.
  • Dense Zircon refractories in SCL-ZRN and SCL-ZRD qualities.
Furnace Superstructure
  • Highly corrosion resistant Zircon-mullite refractories containing 31% Zirconia SCL-ZMS.
  • Neutral layer Zircon refractories in SCL-ZRD and SCL-ZRS qualities.
  • Alumina free Zircon material SCL-ZRPATCH for patching of Silica roof.
  • Fused Silica patching mass SCL-FUSIL for sealing of silica roof.
Port Wall and Roof
  • Mullite refractories with minimum 92% Mullite phase in SCL-MUL quality.
  • Zircon-mullite refractories in SCL-ZM quality.
Sidewall Furnace Insulation
  • Dense refractories in SCL-SILD and SCL-62D qualities.
  • Insulation refractories in SCL-INB1 and SCL-LW130 quality.
Dog House Arch
  • Shock resistant Fused Silica refractories in SCL-FS99 quality.
  • Corrosion resistant Zircon-mullite refractories in SCL-ZMD quality.
  • Spanner tiles and pre-assembled Rider arches in SCL-62D & SCL-65D qualities.
  • Low creep mullite refractories for regenerator wall and roof in SCL-MULS quality.
  • Lower course of Chimney Blocks in SCL-45D and SCL-62DS qualities.
  • Upper course in SCL-99 and SCL-ALCR quality.
  • SCL-90 and SCL-99 quality blocks for bottom and sidewall.
  • SCL-33 and SCL-MULS quality roof bocks.
  • Sub-structure refractories in SCL-INB1 and SCL-SILD qualities.
  • Channels Blocks in various qualities including SCL-33 and Zirconia-free SCL-90 qualities.
  • Super-structure burner blocks, cover blocks, etc. in SCL-65DS and SCL-MUL qualities.
  • Skimmer Blocks, Mantle Blocks, End-wall Blocks in different qualities.