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Glass Industry > Fused Silica & Hot Repair Refractory

SCL offers following refractories for hot-repair of the furnace :

Fused Silica Refractories and Patching Mass
  • Fused Silica refractories have excellent thermal shock resistance and are being used for hot repair of silica roof. Silica patching mass provides complete sealing of silica roof by developing ceramic bond. The sealing of roof prevents further soda deposition and corrosion of refractories by preventing escape of hot gases from the roof.
Alumina-Chrome Refractories
  • Alumina-chrome tiles are used for hot patching of AZS blocks at glass level. These tiles can be installed without undergoing any thermal spalling. These refractories have excellent corrosion resistance and lasts for a very long time without needing further repairs.
Zircon and Zirmul Patching Material
  • These are monolithic materials required for patching various areas of the furnace and are required mostly in the second-half of furnace life.