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Refractory for Carbon Black Industry

Special Ceramics Pvt. Ltd. (SCL) was established in 1988 by a team of technically qualified and experienced people with an aim to manufacture 'superior, next generation refractories' to cater to the demand of a fast growing Indian industries.

Starting with a small set-up, SCL has grown exponentially both in terms of production capacity and the number of clients in the last two decades. Today SCL is a leading refractory manufacturer in India with complete focus on quality refractories.

SCL manufactures a complete range of quality refractories for the hot face and backup layers of tread and carcass reactors.

Over the years, SCL has been continually striving to provide better and superior refractories incorporating innovations and implementing stringent quality control measures. Addition of Alumina-Zircon and Alumina-chrome refractories for the hot face is a testimony to our commitments.

Single large precast shapes like venturis and tengential air inlets blocks are manufactured with our excluvie capability, thereby considerably reducing number of joint.

Design plays a major role for the performance of refractories, SCL offers complete refractory and backline design on the basis of heat calculations, ease of installation and various operating parameters.

In addition to providing refractory lining designs and materials, SCL also offers full technical backup for analyzing and solving problems.