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Refractory for Glass Industry

SCL refractories are well accepted by various segments of the glass industry which include Container Glass, Tableware Glass, Lighting Glass, Television Glass, Lead Glass and other specialty Glasses including sodium-silicate and potassium-silicate industry. Over all these years, we have been enjoying the confidence of our over 200 satisfied customers in a wide spectrum ranging from the largest manufacturers to the customized specialty glass makers.

SCL refractories are being catered to various furnace designs which include HORN, SORG and  KTG  designs offering distinctive advantage to the customer.

SCL range of refractories for the Glass industry can be classified in three major areas:

Feeder Expendables and Accessories
  • Zirconia-mullite range in standard and premium qualities
  • Mullite range for Zirconia-free qualities
  • Fused silica expendables for special applications
  • All Zircon and All Chrome expendables for corrosive glasses
  • Special range with Inserts for long life
Furnace & Forehearth Refractory
  • Alumino-Silicate & Alumina Refractories ( upto 99.5% Alumina )
  • Zircon and Zirconia Refractories
  • Mullite Refractories ( 92% Mullite phase)
  • Zircon-Mullite Refractories ( upto 35% Zirconia )
  • Distributor and Forehearth Refractories
  • High temperature Insulation Refractories
  • Castables and Mortars
Fused Silica & Hot Repair Refractory
  • Fused Silica Refractories and Patching mass
  • Alumina-Chrome Refractories
  • Zircon and Zirmul Patching materials